Snezana Zivulovic 2013/01/23 20:14Bold TextCode TextDocuwiki supports bold , italic , underlined ,and monospaced texts.
Of course you can combine all these.
You can use subscript and superscript,too.
You can mark something as deleted as well.
External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set the link text as well:This Link points to google.Email adressess like this are recognized,
Internal links are created by using square bracktes.You can either just give a pagename or use an additional link text.
You can use namespaces by using a colon in the pagename.
This links to this Section.

You can add foosnotes1) by using double parantheses.

Nivo 1

Nivo 2

Nivo 3

Ovo je slicica

  • Ovo je
  • jedna
  • lista
  1. Prva
  2. Druga
  3. Treca


I think we should do it.

Realy?Ok,let's go.
Polje 1 Polje2
Kolona1 Kolona4
Kolona2 Kolona5
Kolona3 Kolona6
Polje1 bbbb
Polje2 aaa
Polje3 ccc
Polje1 Polje2
Kolona1 ovooo
Cela tabela
levo centar

Ovo nije link

This is preformatted code all spaces are preserved: like              <-this

This is pretty much the same, but you could use it to show that you quoted a file.


sssssssStrike-through Textssssss AAAAAAAA== SJKDFKJ ==DFSFSDF

  1. Ordered List ItemGH
  2. FGHH
  3. GFHF



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  • Sneza
1) This is a foosnote
2) Ovo je fusnota 2
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