SYRMIA is an embedded development software house focused on system software in different fields, from low level system libriaries, tools and compilers, emulators, optimized frameworks for machine learning, GPU software, up to variety of software blocks used in automotive and consumer markets.

SYRMIA's scholarship program is created for students enrolled in the final year of Bachelor's or Master's studies of Computer Science and related fields.

During the internship, the students can work on drafting, defining, and writing their Bachelor's or Master's thesis, together with the academic mentor from the faculty and the technical mentor from the company. We support students in each step of the thesis work, from idea to implementation. When it comes to the students who are enrolled in specific fields of studies that do not have a final thesis as a part of the curriculum, the scope of the internship is the development of solutions that are similar to the final thesis in Computer Science fields on similar faculties, in terms of topics and complexity.

For more details about company and the application form follow the link.

Our expertise includes automotive, digital health, machine learning, networking, system software etc.

The languages we mostly use in our daily work are:

  • C
  • C++ (including C++14, C++17)
  • Assembly (ARM, MIPS, X86, ...)
  • Shell scripts
  • Python