Embedded Engineering praksa - Microsoft razvojni centar Beograd


As a part of the Mixed Reality organization, the Presence AI group (geographically distributed between Cambridge, UK and Belgrade, Serbia) is a center of excellence for developing compelling experiences in the field of remote presence. The group is a strong and diverse mix of computer vision and AI research, software engineering, and hardware engineering, built to provide breakthrough technologies and influence software and hardware roadmaps to open valuable new markets for our client.  


Depending on the exact assignment, you will explore innovative end to end solutions in the embedded systems within Mixed Reality.  

You will collaborate with several product teams around the world and top researchers across the company. Intern projects usually aim to explore innovative ideas that will become the basis of the future products. 


  • Passed exams: Operating Systems/Real-Time Operating Systems, Embedded systems, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing or equivalent.  
  • Solid problem-solving skills 
  • Experience with C, C++ programming languages 
  • Passion for quality, performance, and reliability 
  • Ability to communicate in English 

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Track record of creating hardware gadgets on your own (both individually or in a group) 
  • Participation in an engineering competition (robot, hackathon, algorithmic problem solving…) 
  • Experience in printed circuit board design

Apply from 19.08.2021. to 05.09.2021.