On $lambda$-Pseudo Bi-Starlike Functions with Respect to Symmetric Points Associated to Shell-Like Curves

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2101.103M


In this paper we define a new subclass λpseudo bi-starlike functions with respect to symmetric points of Σ related to shell-like curves connected with Fibonacci numbers and determine the initial Taylor-Maclaurin coefficients |a2| and |a3| for f ????????ℒs,Σλ(α,˜p (z)). Further we determine the Fekete-Szegö result for the function class ????????ℒs,Σλ(α,˜p (z)) and for special cases, corollaries are stated which some of them are new and have not been studied so far.


Analytic functions, bi-univalent, shell-like curve, Fibonacci numbers, starlike functions.


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