Johnson Pseudo-Contractibility and Pseudo-Amenability of $ theta $-Lau Product

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2004.593A


Given Banach algebras A and B and ???? Δ(B). We shall study the Johnson pseudo-contractibility and pseudo-amenability of the ????-Lau product A ×????B. We show that if A ×????B is Johnson pseudo-contractible, then both A and B are Johnson pseudo-contractible and A has a bounded approximate identity. In some particular cases, a complete characterization of Johnson pseudo-contractibility of A ×????B is given. Also, we show that pseudo-amenability of A ×????B implies the approximate amenability of A and pseudo-amenability of B.


????-Lau product, Johnson pseudo-contractibility, pseudo-amenability.


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