On a Family of $(p,q)$-Hybrid Polynomials

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2103.409Y


In this paper, the class of (p,q)-Bessel-Appell polynomials is introduced. The generating function, series definition and determinant definition of this class are established. Certain members of (p,q)-Bessel-Appell polynomials are considered and some properties of these members are also derived. Further, the class of 2D (p,q)-Bessel-Appell polynomials is introduced by means of the generating function and series definition. In addition, the graphical representations of some members of (p,q)-Bessel-Appell polynomials and 2D (p,q)-Bessel-Appell polynomials are plotted with the help of Matlab.


(p,q)-Bessel polynomials, generating relations, determinant definition, (p,q)-Appell polynomials.


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