Picture Fuzzy Subspace of a Crisp Vector Space

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Authors: S. DOGRA AND M. PAL

DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2304.577D


In this paper, the notion of picture fuzzy subspace of a crisp vector space is established and some related properties are explored on the basis of some basic operations (intersection, Cartesian product, union, (????,ϕ,ψ)-cut etc.) on picture fuzzy sets. Direct sum of two picture fuzzy subspaces is initiated here over the direct sum of two crisp vector spaces. Also, the concepts of picture fuzzy linear transformation and picture fuzzy linearly independent set of vectors are introduced and some corresponding results are presented. Isomorphism between two picture fuzzy subspaces is developed here as an extension of isomorphism between two fuzzy subspaces.


Picture fuzzy subspace, direct sum of two picture fuzzy subspaces, isomorphism between two picture fuzzy subspaces, picture fuzzy linear transformation, picture fuzzy linearly independent set of vectors.


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