(m, n)-Hyperfilters in Ordered Semihypergroups

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2202.307M


First, we generalize concepts of left hyperfilters, right hyperfilters and hyperfilters of an ordered semihypergroup by introducing concepts of left-m-hyperfilters, right-n-hyperfilters and (m,n)-hyperfilters of an ordered semihypergroup. Then, some properties of these generalized hyperfilters have been studied. Finally, left-m-hyperfilters (resp. right-n-hyperfilters, (m,n)-hyperfilters) of (m, 0)-regular (resp. (0,n)-regular, (m,n)-regular) ordered semihypergroups characterize in terms of their completely prime generalized (m, 0)-hyperideals (resp. (0,n)-hyperideals, (m,n)-hyperideals).


Ordered semihypergroups, left-m-hyperfilters, right-n-hyperfilters, (m,n)-hyperfilters.


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