A Generalized Class of Close-to-Convex Functions

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2004.533K


Let αϕ(β) denote the class of functions f, analytic in the open unit disk ???? which satisfy the condition

   (                      (              ) )
              zf-′(z-)-           zf-′′(z-)
ℜ    (1 −  α)        +  α   1 +     ′         >  β,   z ∈  ????,
               ϕ(z )              f (z )

where α, β are pre-assigned real numbers and ϕ(z) is a starlike function. The special cases of the class αϕ(β) have been studied in literature by different authors. In 2007, Singh et al. [?] studied the class αz(β) and they established that functions in αz(β) are univalent for all real numbers α, β satisfying the condition α β < 1 and the result is sharp in the sense that constant β cannot be replaced by a real number smaller than α. Singh et al. [?] in 2005, proved that for 0 < α < 1 functions in class αz(α) are univalent. In 1975, Al-Amiri and Reade [?] showed that functions in class αz(0) are univalent for all α 0 and also for α = 1 in ????. In the present paper, we prove that members of the class αϕ(β) are close-to-convex and hence univalent for real numbers α, β and for a starlike function ϕ satisfying the condition β + α 1 < α(       )
   ϕ(z)β < 1.


Analytic function, univalent function, close-to-convex function


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