Approximate Solution of Bratu Differential Equations Using Trigonometric Basic Functions

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Authors: B. AGHELI

DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2102.203A


In this paper, I have proposed a method for finding an approximate function for Bratu differential equations (BDEs), in which trigonometric basic functions are used. First, by defining trigonometric basic functions, I define the values of the transformation function in relation to trigonometric basis functions (TBFs). Following that, the approximate function is defined as a linear combination of trigonometric base functions and values of transform function which is named trigonometric transform method (TTM), and the convergence of the method is also presented. To get an approximate solution function with discrete derivatives of the solution function, we have determined the approximate solution function which satisfies in the Bratu differential equations (BDEs). In the end, the algorithm of the method is elaborated with several examples. In one example, I have presented an absolute error comparison of some approximate methods.


Trigonometric transform, Bratu differential equations, basic functions.


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