Prabhakar and Hilfer-Prabhakar Fractional Derivatives in the Setting of $\Psi$-Fractional Calculus and Its Applications

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2105.685K


A vertex-edge Roman dominating function (or just ve-RDF) of a graph G = (V,E) is a function f : V (G) →{0, 1, 2} such that for each edge e = uv either max{f(u),f(v)}0 or there exists a vertex w such that either wu E or wv E and f(w) = 2. The weight of a ve-RDF is the sum of its function values over all vertices. The vertex-edge Roman domination number of a graph G, denoted by γveR(G), is the minimum weight of a ve-RDF G. In this paper, we initiate a study of vertex-edge Roman dominaton. We first show that determining the number γveR(G) is NP-complete even for bipartite graphs. Then we show that if T is a tree different from a star with order n, l leaves and s support vertices, then γveR(T) (n l s + 3)2, and we characterize the trees attaining this lower bound. Finally, we provide a characterization of all trees with γveR(T) = 2γ(T), where γ(T) is the edge domination number of T.


Vertex-edge roman dominating set, edge dominating set, trees.


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