Graphs with at most Four Seidel Eigenvalues

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DOI: 10.46793/KgJMat2302.173G


Let G be a graph of order n with adjacency matrix A(G). The eigenvalues of matrix S(G) = Jn In 2A(G), where Jn is the n by n matrix with all entries 1, are called the Seidel eigenvalues of G. Let ????(n,r) be the set of all graphs of order n with a single Seidel eigenvalue with multiplicity r. In the present work, we will characterize all graphs in the class ????(n,n i) for i = 1, 2 and for the case i = 3 our characterization is done by this condition that the nullity of S(G) is zero. If the nullity of S(G) is not zero the problem is solved in special cases.


Interlacing theorem, Seidel eigenvalue, Seidel switching, nullity.


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