Accepted papers

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1R. Verma and K. TeenaSome Properties of Range Operators on LCA Groups
2R. M. Nikolić, V. T. Ristić, J. Fijuljanin and A. ŠebekovićOrbital Continuity and Common Fixed Points in Menger PM-Spaces
3T. Dimovski and D. DimovskiA Fixed Point Theorem for Mappings Satisfying Cyclical Contractive Conditions in (3, 2)-W-symmetrizable Spaces
4N. MutavdžićThe Growth of Gradients of QC-mappings in n-dimensional Euclidean Space with Bounded Laplacian
5D. Djurčić, D. Fatić and N. ElezThe Index Function Operator for O-regularly Varying Functions
6P. Rajković, Lj. Radović and J. RajkovićAlmost Multi-Diagonal Determinants
7Lj. D. R. Kočinac, F. S. Aktamov and A. A. ZaitovAn Open Mapping Theorem for Order-Preserving Operators
8N. SauligVertical Time: Sound and Vision
9E. Durmishi, Z. Misajleski and A. VelkoskaTotally Weakly Chain Separated Sets in a Topological Space
10A. BukllaOn the Limits of Proximate Sequences.