Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 23 (2001)

On Boolean partial differential equations

Author: Sergiu Rudeanu
Keyword: Boolean partial differential equations
5 - 9

Automorphisms and pseudo-automorphisms of extra algebras

Author: V. O. Chiboka
Keyword: automorphisms, pseudo-automorphisms, extra algebras
11 - 23

On the trapezoid quadrature formula and applications

Author: Sever Dragomir
Keyword: trapezoid, quadrature formula, remainder term, bounded variation, Lipschitzian mappings
25 - 36

A note on density of the zeros of σ-orthogonal polynomials

Author: Gradimir V. Milovanović and Miodrag M. Spalević
Keyword: density of the zeros, σ-orthogonal polynomial
37 - 43

On weighted inequality of Hardy type for higher order derivatives

Author: Raman Adegoke and James Adedayo Oguntuase
Keyword: weighted inequality, Hardy type, higher derivatives
45 - 51

An algebraic condition for qualitative stability of first order linear autonomous ordinary differential systems

Author: Dele Oluwade
Keyword: algebraic, qualitative stability, linear autonomous, differential systems
53 - 58

One problem of D. S. Mitrinovič and its generalization

Author: Nikola Rosić
Keyword: differential equation
59 - 62

Blocked network of tandem queues with withdrawal

Author: Alfred Aanu Akinsete
Keyword: blocked network, tandem queues, withdrawal effect
63 - 73

Weighted Hardy's inequalities with mixed norm II

Author: James Adedayo Oguntuase
Keyword: weighted inequality, Hardy type, mixed norm
75 - 83

On Postian equations

Author: Dragić Banković
Keyword: Postian equations
85 - 91

H(t) has functional attributes

Author: G.A. Dawodu and A.A. Afolabi
Keyword: functional attributes, several complex variables
93 - 100

Some relationships between the generalized Gumbel and other distributions

Author: Matthev O. Ojo
Keyword: generalized Gumbel, distributions
101 - 106

The resolution tableau for logics of likelihood

Author: Zoran Ognjanović
Keyword: logic of likelihood, tableau, resolution
107 - 117

One implementation of PL prover algorithm

Author: Tatjana Timotijević
Keyword: mathematical logic, theorem provers, algorithms
119 - 130

Information technologies in university education activities

Author: Dušan Stefanović and Ana Kaplarević
Keyword: internet technologies, information systems, internet, education
131 - 153