Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 24 (2002)

Abel, Niels Henrik (5. 8. 1802. - 6. 4. 1829.) Bolyai, Janos (5. 12. 1802. - 27. 1. 1860.)

Author: Branislav Popović
Keyword: Abel, Janos Bolyai, 200th anniversary of birth
5 - 6

Remembering Alessandro Ossicini

Author: Andrea Ossicini, Stefano Ossicini and Miodrag M. Spalević
Keyword: Alessandro Ossicini, Remembering on his life and research in mathematics, Quadrature with multiple nodes, s and sigma orthogonal polynomials
7 - 18

Enumerating Kautz sequences

Author: Vladimir Raphael Rosenfeld
Keyword: Kautz sequences, linear Kautz sequences, Kautz digraphs
19 - 41

A note on graphs with two main eigenvalues

Author: Mirko Lepović
Keyword: graph, eigenvalue, main eigenvalue
43 - 53

The inner mappings of extra loops

Author: V. O. Chiboka
Keyword: Bryant-Schneider group, extra loops, inner mapping
55 - 60

The star is the tree with greatest greatest Laplacian eigenvalue

Author: Ivan Gutman
Keyword: Laplacian spectrum (of graph), gratest Laplacian eigenvalue, extremal graphs, trees
61 - 65

The path is the tree with smallest greatest Laplacian eigenvalue

Author: Miroslav Petrović and Ivan Gutman
Keyword: Laplacian spectrum (of graph), gratest Laplacian eigenvalue, extremal graphs, trees
67 - 70

Some problems about the limit of a real-valued function

Author: Dimitrije Hajduković
Keyword: limit, real-valued functions
71 - 79

Power product inequalities for the gamma function

Author: Zdravko Starc
Keyword: gamma function
81 - 84

Univariate Shepard-Lagrange interpolation

Author: Radu T. Trimbitas
Keyword: Shepard-Lagrange interpolation operator, Lagrange interpolation, interpolation error, orthogonal polynomials
85 - 94

Some generalization of weighted norm inequalities for certain class of integral operators

Author: K. Rauf and C. O. Imoru
Keyword: weighted norm inequality, weight functions
95 - 105

3-type curves in the Euclidean space E^5

Author: Miroslava Petrović-Torgašev
Keyword: 5-dimensional Euclidean space, closed curve, 3-type curve
107 - 121

The Clairaut and Lagrange areolar equation

Author: Miloje Rajović and Dragan Dimitrovski
Keyword: Clairaut equations, Lagrange equations, areolar equations
123 - 133

Approximations of the distribution of the sum of random variables from the generalized logistic distribution

Author: Matthev O. Ojo
Keyword: random variables, approximations, logistic approximation, double exponential distribution
135 - 145

Formal grammar for a fragment of the Serbian language

Author: Mirjana M. Lazić
Keyword: sublanguage, formal grammar, syntactic categories, syntatic analysis
147 - 178

A PROLOG program for analysis and synthesis of typical sentences taken from advertisements

Author: Mirjana M. Lazić
Keyword: sublanguage, formal grammar
179 - 192

A batch arrival queue providing a class of truncated geometric distribution for modeling distribution of animal populations

Author: Titi Obilade
Keyword: arrival queue, geometric distribution, arrival size
193 - 205

About porosity parameters with the application of general similarity method to the case of a dissociated gas flow in the boundary layer

Author: Branko R. Obrović and Slobodan R. Savić
Keyword: porosity parameters, dissociated gas, momentum equation
207 - 214