Accepted papers

1B. B. Jena, S. K. Paikray, P. Parida and H. DuttaResults on Tauberian Theorem for Cesàro Summable Double Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers
2N. Dehgardi and H. AramSharp Bounds on the Augmented Zagreb Index of Graph Operations
3S. K. Vaidya and K. M. PopatOn Equienergetic, Hyperenergetic and Hypoenergetic Graphs
4P. Kaur and S. S. BillingA Generalized Class of Close-to-Convex Functions
5D. Kumar, F. Ayant and D. KumarA New Class of Integrals Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Function and Multivariable Aleph-Function.
6I. Gutman, M. Matejić, E. Milovanović and I. Milovanović Lower Bounds for Inverse Sum Indeg Index of Graphs
7B. L. Ghodadra and V. FülöpA Note on the Definition of Bounded Variation of Higher Order for Double Sequences
8T. Teimouri-Azadbakht and A. G GhazanfariSome Grüss Type Inequalities for Fréchet Differentiable Mappings
9S. Saber1The $\dbar$ Cauchy-Problem on Weakly $Q$-Convex Domains in $\Bbb{C}P^n$
10M. Askari-Sayah, A. Pourabbas and A. SahamiJohnson Pseudo-Contractibility and Pseudo-Amenability of $ \theta $-Lau Product
11M. Mekki, K. Boukerrioua, B. Kilani and M. L. SahariNew Explicit Bounds on Gronwall-Bellman-Bihari-Gamidov Integral Inequalities and Their Weakly Singular Analogues with Applications
12T. Ahmedatt, A. Ahmed, H. Hjiaj and A. TouzaniExistence of Renormalized Solutions for Some Anisotropic Quasilinear Elliptic Equations
13S. Altınkaya and S. YalçınCertain Classes of Bi-Univalent Functions of Complex Order Associated with Quasi-Subordination Involving $(p, q)$-Derivative Operator