Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 32 (2009)

The fifth and sixth coefficients of α-close-to-convex functions

Author: Kunle Oladeji Babalola
Keyword: coefficient bounds, α-close-to-convexity, univalent functions
5 - 12

Weighted Čebyšev type inequalities involving functions whose first derivatives belong to L_p(a,b), forall 1<=p< infty

Author: Farooq Ahmad , Nazir Ahmad Mir and Arif Rafiq
Keyword: Čebyšev type inequalities, L_1(a,b) & L_p(a,b) spaces, Weight function
13 - 26

Upper bound for the energy of graphs with fixed second and fourth spectral moments

Author: Ivan Gutman, Elías Gudiño and Domingo Quiroz
Keyword: Energy (of graph), Spectrum (of graph), Eigenvalue (of graph), Graph theory
27 - 35

On the Chen character of δ(2)-ideal submanifolds

Author: Simona Decu, Bilkis Jahanara, Miroslava Petrović-Torgašev and Leopold Verstraelen
Keyword: Submanifolds, δ-curvature, δ(2)-ideal submanifolds, Chen submanifolds
37 - 46

Probability logics with vector-valued measures

Author: Vladimir Ristić
Keyword: Vector-valued measure, completeness
47 - 60

Periodic solutions of fourth-order functional differential equations with p-Laplacian

Author: Yuji Liu
Keyword: Periodic solution, Fourth order functional differential equation with p-Laplacian, fixed-point theorem, growth condition
61 - 73

A simple proof of monotonicity for Stolarsky and Gini means

Author: Slavko Simić
Keyword: Logarithmic convexity, extended means, monotonicity in both variables
75 - 79

A generalized integral inequality for twice differentiable mappings

Author: Fiza Zafar and Nazir Ahmad Mir
Keyword: Ostrowski inequality, Numerical integration, Special means
81 - 96

Image pre-processing tool

Author: Olga Miljković
Keyword: Filtering, Intensity adjustment, Equalization, Thresholding, Edging
97 - 107

The first to (k+1)-th smallest Wiener (hyper-Wiener) indices of connected graphs

Author: Liu Mu-huo and Xuezhong Tan
Keyword: Wiener index, hyper-Wiener index, distance
109 - 115

On the rules for the elimination of the non-canonical Morgan trees

Author: Damir Vukičević
Keyword: Morgan trees, canonical Morgan trees, Condensed Adjacency Matrix
117 - 122

D-equienergetic self-complementary graphs

Author: Gopalapillai Indulal and Ivan Gutman
Keyword: distance matrix, distance energy, spectrum (of distance matrix), equienergetic graphs
123 - 131

Remark on an integral inequality of the Hardy type

Author: James Adedayo Oguntuase
Keyword: Hardy inequality, Jensen's inequality, Minkowski integral inequalities, nondecreasing functions
133 - 138

Bertrand curves in Galilean space and their characterizations

Author: Alper Osman Öğrenmiş, Handan Öztekin and Mahmut Ergüt
Keyword: Bertrand curve, Galilean space
139 - 147

L_{AP}^{rat} logic and Completeness Theorem

Author: Vladimir Ristić
Keyword: Admissible set, set of rational numbers, completeness
149 - 156

A taxicab version of the Erdős-Mordell theorem

Author: Nilgün Sönmez
Keyword: Taxicab plane geometry, Pisagor theorem
157 - 164