Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics Vol. 36 No.1 (2012)

On Growth and Form and Geometry. I

Author: Stefan Haesen, Ana Irina Nistor, Leopold Verstraelen
Keyword: Biological growth out of a pole, D'Arcy Thompson's basic principle of natural growth, Bang-Yen Chen's submanifolds of constant ratio, equiangular curves and surfaces, discoid and turbinate shells
5 - 25

An explicit formula of Hessian determinants of composite functions and its applications

Author: Bang-Yen Chen
Keyword: Determinant, Hessian matrix, composite function, Hessian determinant formula, generalized CES production function, generalized Cobb-Douglas production function
27 - 39

A note on homogeneous production models

Author: Bang-Yen Chen
Keyword: Homogeneous production function, constant return to scale, Gauss-Kronecker curvature
41 - 43

On the osculating spaces of submanifolds in Euclidean spaces

Author: Kostadin Trenčevski
Keyword: Osculating spaces, normal curvatures, normal vectors
45 - 49

Hosoya polynomial of Hanoi graphs

Author: Kishori P. Narayankar, Lokesh S. B., Veena Mathad, Ivan Gutman
Keyword: Distance (in graph), Hosoya polynomial, Hanoi graph
51 - 57

On a conjecture on the diameter of line graphs of graphs of diameter two

Author: Harishchandra S. Ramane, Asha B. Ganagi, Ivan Gutman
Keyword: Line graph, diameter (of graph), graph of diameter 2
59 - 62

Error bound of certain Gaussian quadrature rules for trigonometric polynomials

Author: Marija P. Stanić, Aleksandar S. Cvetković, Tatjana V. Tomović
Keyword: Trigonometric degree of exactness, Gaussian quadrature rule, analytic function, error bound
63 - 72

Some remarks on results of Mortici

Author: Tserendorj Batbold
Keyword: Turán-type inequalities, Gamma function, Polygamma functions, Hölder's inequality
73 - 76

A companion of Ostrowski's inequality for mappings whose first derivatives are bounded and applications in numerical integration

Author: Mohammad Wajeeh Alomari
Keyword: Ostrowski's inequality, Differentiable mappings, Bounded mappings
77 - 82

Generalized difference sequence spaces defined by a sequence of moduli

Author: Suzan Zeren, Çiğdem A. Bektaş
Keyword: Difference sequence spaces, sequence of Moduli, seminorm
83 - 91

Super mean number of a graph

Author: A. Nagarajan, R. Vasuki, S. Arockiaraj
Keyword: Labeling, super mean graph, super mean number
93 - 107

Tripartite multidigraphs and imbalances

Author: Shariefuddin Pirzada, Koko K. Kayibi, Nasir A. Shah
Keyword: Digraph, tripartite digraph, imbalance sequence, imbalance set
109 - 118

The convexity graph of minimal total dominating functions of a graph

Author: S. Arumugam, Sithara Jerry
Keyword: Total dominating function, minimal total dominating function, total convexity graph
119 - 131

Spectrum of two new joins of graphs and infinite families of integral graphs

Author: Gopalapillai Indulal
Keyword: Adjacency matrix, Characteristic Polynomial, Join of graphs
133 - 139

Odd mean labeling of the graphs $P_{a,b}, P_a^b$ and $P_{leftlangle 2arightrangle}^b$

Author: R. Vasuki, A. Nagarajan
Keyword: Labeling, Odd mean labeling, Odd mean graphs
141 - 150

Some considerations of matrix equations using the concept of reproductivity

Author: Branko Malešević, Biljana Radičić
Keyword: Reproductive equation, reproductive solution, matrix system
151 - 161

On (p,q)-th order of a function of two complex variables analytic in the unit polydisc

Author: Ratan Kumar Dutta
Keyword: Analytic function, (p,q)-th order, lower (p,q)-th order, maximum modulus, unit polydisc
163 - 174