Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 31 (2008)

Convergence of solutions of certain non-homogeneous third order ordinary differential equations

Author: A.U.Afuwape and M.O.Omeike
Keyword: convergence, Lyapunov functions, nonlinear third-order equation
5 - 16

The special function ش , III

Author: Andrea Ossicini
Keyword: special functions; gamma function; completely monotonic functions; integral transforms
17 - 27

Solution of the Dirichlet problem with l^p boundary condition

Author: Dagmar Medková
Keyword: Laplace equation, Dirichlet problem, double layer potential, single layer potential, successive approximation method
29 - 42

Another weighted Ostrowski-grüss type inequality for twice differentiable mappings

Author: Arif Rafiq and Farooq Ahmad
Keyword: weighted Ostrowski-Grüss type inequality, twice differentiable mappings, upper and lower bounds, numerical integration.
43 - 51

An inequality for the Lebesgue measure and its further applications

Author: Ivan D. Arandjelović and Dojčin S. Petković
Keyword: inequality, Lebesgues measure, uniform convergence
53 - 57

Bounds for the distance energy of a graph

Author: Harishchandra S. Ramane, Deepak S. Revankar, Ivan Gutman, Siddani Bhaskara Rao, B. Devadas Acharya and Hanumappa B. Walikar
Keyword: energy (of graph); distance energy; distance matrix; eigenvalue (of graph); spectrum (of graph)
59 - 68

Lipschitz estimates for multilinear Marcinkiewicz operators

Author: Liu Lanzhe
Keyword: multilinear operators, Marcinkiewicz operator, Lipschitz space, Hardy space, Herz-Hardy space
69 - 84

Triangulations of some cases of polyhedra with a small number of tetrahedra

Author: Milica Stojanović
Keyword: triangulation of polyhedra, minimal triangulation
85 - 93

One parameter Lorentzian motions in Lorentz 3-space

Author: Mehmet Ali Gungor and Murat Tosun
Keyword: Lorentz space, Lorentzian motions, acceleration centre, acceleration axis
95 - 109

Some convergence results for fixed points of hemicontractive operators in some Banach spaces

Author: Olusegun O. Owojori
Keyword: hemicontractive operator, strong convergence, Hilbert spacs, improved three-step iteration procedures
111 - 129

Sharp weighted inequality for multilinear commutator of strongly singular integral operator

Author: Xiaosha Zhou
Keyword: multilinear commutator, strongly singular integral operator, sharp inequality, BMO, A_p-weight
131 - 142

On imbalances in digraphs

Author: Shariefuddin Pirzada
Keyword: digraph, imbalance, outdegree, indegree, oriented graph, arc
143 - 146

Weighted boundedness for multilinear Marcinkiewicz operators on some Hardy spaces

Author: Wang Hua and Yang Dong
Keyword: multilinear Marcinkiewicz operator, BMO, A_1-weight, Hardy space, Hardy-Block space
147 - 157

Endpoint estimates for multilinear commutator of Marcinkiewicz operator

Author: Yu Wenxin and Liu Lanzhe
Keyword: Marcinkiewicz operator, multilinear commutator, Hardy spaces, BMO(R^n)
159 - 176