Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 26 (2004)

Equienergetic graphs

Author: Harishchandra S. Ramane, Hanumappa B. Walikar, Siddani Bhaskara Rao, B. Devadas Acharya, Prabhakar R. Hampiholi, Sudhir R. Jog and Ivan Gutman
Keyword: spectrum of graph, energy of graph, equienergetic graphs, regular graph, line graph of regular graph
5 - 13

Another class of equienergetic graphs

Author: Harishchandra S. Ramane, Ivan Gutman, Hanumappa B. Walikar and Sabeena B. Halkarni
Keyword: spectrum of graph, energy of graph, equienergetic graphs, regular graph, complement of line graph of regular graph
15 - 18

Laplacian matrix and distance in trees

Author: Damir Vukičević and Ivan Gutman
Keyword: distance (in graph), Laplacian matrix, tree
19 - 24

Nonexpansive mappings and convex sequences

Author: Branislav Mijajlović
Keyword: nonexpansive mapping, fixed point, convex sequence
25 - 30

On a six-parameter generalized logistic distribution

Author: Matthev O. Ojo and A.K. Olapade
Keyword: six-parameter generalized logistic distribution, moments, t-distribution, F-distribution, beta distribution, gamma distribution
31 - 38

S-orthogonality on the semicircle

Author: Marija Stanić
Keyword: s-orthogonality, polynomials orthogonal on the semicircle, the Chebyshev weight of the first kind, s-orthogonal polynomials on the semicircle
39 - 48

Smooth structures on π-manifolds

Author: Samuel Omoloye Ajala
Keyword: π-manifolds, smooth structures
49 - 60

The effect of a spatial variable on the criticality of a boundary value problem

Author: S.O. Ajadi
Keyword: boundary value problem, analitycal solution, variational method
61 - 71

On the exponential stability of a certain Lurie system

Author: Olufemi Adeyinka Adesina
Keyword: bounded solutions, periodic solutions, almost periodic solutions, exponential stability, frequency domain, Lurie systems
73 - 81

An inequality for totally real surfaces in complex space forms

Author: Adela Mihai
Keyword: totally real submanifold, complex space form, ellipse of curvature, elliptic curvature
83 - 88

Inequalities of Grüss type for the Stieltjes integral and applications

Author: Sever Dragomir
Keyword: Stieltjes integrals, Cebysev functionals, weighted Cebysev functional
89 - 122

Some results about Banach compact algebras

Author: B.M. Ramadisha and V.A. Babalola
Keyword: m-convex algebra, Banach algebras, Montel algebra
123 - 128

Banach precompact elements of a locally m-convex Bo-algebra

Author: B.M. Ramadisha and V.A. Babalola
Keyword: Bo-algebra, Frechet algebra, m-convex algebra
129 - 132

A note on indecomposability of Boolean matrices

Author: Bo Zhou
Keyword: Boolean matrices
133 - 137

On generalized extreme-value order statistics and moments

Author: Shola Adeyemi
Keyword: generalized extreme value, single moment, product moment
139 - 152

On numerical solutions of partial differential equations by the decomposition method

Author: Mustafa Inc
Keyword: partial differential equations, Adomian decomposition method
153 - 164

The degree of progress to goal during self-organization process

Author: Memudu Olaposi Olatinwo
Keyword: distance function, working function, self-organization process
165 - 173