Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 28 (2005)


Author: Redakcija
5 - 6

A geometrical description of visual perception

Author: Leopold Verstraelen
Keyword: human and artificial sensations and perceptions, human and artificial vision, Casarati curvature of surfaces in 3D-spaces
7 - 17

A software system for creating 3D computer models from photographic images

Author: Ignace Van de Woestyne and Theo Moons
Keyword: computer visions, computer models, photographic images
19 - 40

Geodesic polyhedra and nets

Author: Zoran Stanić
Keyword: geodesics, discrete geometry, geodesic polyhedra, geodesic nets, optimization
41 - 55

Universal natural shapes

Author: Johan Gielis, Stefan Haesen and Leopold Verstraelen
Keyword: Lame curves, Gielis curves, Lame surfaces, Lame transformations, Gielis surfaces, Gielis transformations, biological forms, cosmological space-times
57 - 68

Optimal inequalities for embedded space-times

Author: Stefan Haesen
Keyword: embedding, space-times, optimal inequalities
69 - 85

Conformally Osserman Lorentzian manifolds

Author: Novica Blažić
Keyword: Lorentzian geometry, Weyl conformal tensor, conformally Osserman manifold, Clliford curvature tensor, Osserman manifold, conformal Jacobi operator, Jacobi operator
87 - 96

Holomorphically projective curvature tensors

Author: Mileva Prvanović
Keyword: geodesic mapping, almost Hermitian manifold, hollomorphic curvature tensor, hollomorphically projective curvature tensor
97 - 111

Generalized plane wave manifolds

Author: Peter B. Gilkey and Stana Ž. Nikčević
Keyword: affine curvature homogeneous, curvature homogeneous, geometry of the curvature tensor, holonomy, Ivanov-Petrova manifold, Osserman manifold, Szabo manifold, vanishing scalar curvature invariants, weakly curvature homogeneous, Weyl invariants
113 - 138

Hyperbolic angle function in the Lorentzian plane

Author: Emilija Nešović
Keyword: hyperbolic angle, the Lorentzian plane, triangle
139 - 144

OsckM admitting f-structure

Author: Jovanka Nikić and Irena Čomić
Keyword: the subspaces of Osc^k M, special adapted basis, the J structure
145 - 154

Basic polyhedra in knot theory

Author: Slavik V. Jablan, Ljiljana M. Radović and Radmila Sazdanović
Keyword: basic polyhedra, knot theory
155 - 164

Linearizability of a polynomial system

Author: Diana Doličanin and Valery G. Romanovski
Keyword: isochronicity, centers, linear normal forms
165 - 172

On the compactness and condensing of nonlinear superposition operators

Author: F. Dedagić and N. Okičić
Keyword: compactness, condensing, nonlinear superposition operator
173 - 183

Generating of a class of lattices and its application

Author: Mališa Žižović and Vera Lazarević
Keyword: lattice, fuzzy sets, block-code, meet-irreducibles
185 - 192

Fuzzy pairwise almost strong precontinuity

Author: Biljana Krsteska
Keyword: fuzzy topology, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly precontinuous mapping, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly preopen mapping, fuzzy pairwise almost strongly preclosed mapping
193 - 206

Conditions of existence quasiperiodic solutions for some ordinary differential equations of first and second order

Author: Jordanka Mitevska and Marija Kujumdzieva-Nikoloska
Keyword: differential equation, quasiperiod, quasiperiodic solution
207 - 214

Conditions of existence quasiperiodic solutions for some nonlinear differential equations of second order and third power

Author: Marija Kujumdzieva-Nikoloska and Jordanka Mitevska
Keyword: nonlinear differential equation, quasiperiodic solution
215 - 224