Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 29 (2006)

Continuity for the Littlewood-paley operator and its commutator on Herz type Hardy spaces

Author: Liu Lanzhe and Wang Hua
Keyword: Littlewood-Paley operator, Commutator, BMO(R^n), Herz space, Herz type Hardy space
5 - 16

Ishikawa iterative process with errors for generalized Lipschitzian and Φ-accretive mappings in uniformly smooth Banach spaces

Author: Xue Zhiqun
Keyword: Ishikawa iterative process with errors; generalized Lipschitz; Φ-accretive mapping; Φ-pseudocontractive mapping; uniformly smooth Banach space
17 - 27

Inheritance properties of some classes of locally convex spaces

Author: Stojan Radenović
Keyword: the three-space problem, p-barrelled, p-space, k-space, quotient, subspace
29 - 35

On the boundedness and the stability results for the solutions of certain third order non-linear differential equations

Author: B. S. Ogundare
Keyword: Single complete Lyapunov function, boundedness, third order non-linear differential equations, stability
37 - 48

A note on two dimensional Bratu problem

Author: S. A. Odejide and Y. A. S. Aregbesola
Keyword: near exact solution, weighted residual, finite difference, branch solution
49 - 56

An integral inequality of the Hardy's type

Author: A. G. Adeagbo-Sheikh and C. O. Imoru
Keyword: integral inequality, Jensen's Inequality
57 - 61

On the evaluation of the degree of progress to goal in a multi-purpose self-organization process

Author: M. O. Olatinwo and A. G. Adeagbo-Sheikh
Keyword: self-organization process
63 - 69

Transitive 3-groups of degree 3^n (n = 2,3)

Author: M. S. Audu, A. Afolabi and E. Apine
Keyword: transitive 3-groups
71 - 89

Hermite interpolation and a method for evaluating Cauchy principal value integrals of oscillatory kind

Author: G. E. Okecha
Keyword: Hermite interpolation polynomial, oscillatory integrals, Cauchy principal value integral
91 - 98

L_{ACP}^k logic and completeness theorem

Author: Vladimir Ristić
Keyword: CP-quantifiers
99 - 111

Fixed points of mapping on the normed and reflexive spaces

Author: Branislav Mijajlović
Keyword: Fixed point, normalstructure, out-of-space reflexes, Zorn's lemma, Smulian's characterisation
113 - 120

On some seminormed sequence spaces defined by a modulus function

Author: Yavuz Altin, Hifsi Altinok and Rifat Çolak
Keyword: seminormed sequence spaces, seminormed complex linear space
121 - 132

Orthogonal constant mappings in isosceles orthogonal spaces

Author: Madjid Mirzavaziri and Mohammad Sal Moslehian
Keyword: orthogonally constant mapping, isosceles orthogonal space
133 - 140

The special function ش , II

Author: Andrea Ossicini
Keyword: special functions; completely monotonic functions;integral transforms; Bernstein functions
141 - 150

Bounded and L^2-solutions of certain third order non-linear differential equation with a square integrable forcing term

Author: Babatunde Sunday Ogundare, Joseph Ayanrionla Ayanjinmi and Olufemi Adeyinka Adesina
Keyword: non-linear differential equation
151 - 156

Generalization of some results on the degree of progress to goal in self-organization process

Author: M. O. Olatinwo
Keyword: self-organization process
157 - 164

On weighted norm integral inequality of g. h. Hardy's type

Author: K. Rauf and J. O. Omolehin
Keyword: integral inequality, Hardy's integral inequality
165 - 173

New iteration methods for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in uniformly smooth real Banach spaces

Author: Olusegun O. Owojori
Keyword: real Banach spaces, nonexpansive mappings
175 - 191

Wall driven steady flow and heat transfer in a porous tube

Author: O. D. Makinde, Y. A. S. Aregbesola and S. A. Odejide
Keyword: Wall Driven, Uniformly Porous Tube, Low Reynolds Number, Perturbation Series
193 - 201

Ishikawa iterative sequence for the generalized Lipschitzian and Φ-strongly accretive mappings in Banach spaces

Author: Xue Zhiqun and Wang Zhiming
Keyword: uniformly smooth Banach space; Φ-strongly accretive mapping; generalized Lipschitzian mapping; Ishikawa iterative process
203 - 213