Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 30 (2007)


Author: Editorial Board
7 - 8

Work and life of professor Boško Jovanović

Author: Slaviša Prešić
Keyword: Boško Jovanović
9 - 12

About some types of boundary value problems with interfaces

Author: Boško Jovanović
Keyword: Boundary value problem, Dirac distribution, interface, a priori estimate, function spaces, finite differences
13 - 26

A Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality, with application to duality-based a posteriori estimation in the L^1 norm

Author: Endre Suli
Keyword: Function-space interpolation, Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality, finite element method, a posteriori error analysis
27 - 43

Reconstruction of the right-hand side of the elliptical equation from observation data obtained at the boundary

Author: Petr N. Vabishchevich
Keyword: elliptical equation, two-dimensional Poisson equation
45 - 58

Stability of solutions of differential-operator and operator-difference equations with respect to perturbation of operators

Author: B. S. Jovanović, S. V. Lemeshevsky, P. P. Matus and P. N. Vabishchevich
Keyword: differential-operator, operator-difference equations, coefficient stability
59 - 88

The math portals

Author: Ljubica Diković and Dušan Stefanović
Keyword: math portals, mathematica, e-learning
89 - 97

A contribution to the problem of coexistence of two periodical solutions of the Hill's equation

Author: Dragan Dimitrovski and Vladimir Rajović
Keyword: periodical solutions, Hill's equation
99 - 117

On the oscillations of the solutions of the equation

Author: Milena Lekić and Miloje Rajović
Keyword: series-iterations, forced oscillations, locations of zeroes, resonance
119 - 129

The first, the second, and the third Liouville formula and periodical solutions of linear differential equation of the second order

Author: Miloje Rajović and Rade Stojiljković
Keyword: Liouville formula, periodicity, linear differential equation of the second order
131 - 139

Minimum principle for quadratic spline collocation discretization of a convection-diffusion problem

Author: Katarina Surla, Zorica Uzelac and Ljiljana Teofanov
Keyword: quadratic spline, convection-diffusion problem
141 - 149

Immersed interface method for a system of linear reaction-diffusion equations with nonlinear singular own sources

Author: J. D. Kandilarov
Keyword: system of linear reaction-diffusion equations
151 - 170

Affine invariant contractions of simplices

Author: Ljubiša Kocić, Sonja Gegovska-Zajkova and Liljana Stefanovska
Keyword: hyperbolic Iterated Function System, affine invariant contractions
171 - 179

Native xml databases vs. relational databases in dealing with xml documents

Author: Gordana Pavlović-Lažetić
Keyword: XML databases, relational databases, data-centric XML documents, XML-enabled databases, native XML database
181 - 199

Convoluted C-operator families and abstract Cauchy problems

Author: Marko Kostić and Stevan Pilipović
Keyword: Convoluted C-cosine functions, convoluted C-semigroups, Theta C-problem, (ACP_{2})_{Theta}-problem
201 - 210

Multiquasigroups and weighted projective planes

Author: Alija Mandak
Keyword: weighted projective planes, multiquasigroups, blocks designs, Steiner systems
211 - 219

Error bounds of some Gauss-turan-kronrod quadratures with Gori-micchelli weights for analytic functions

Author: Gradimir V. Milovanović, Miodrag M. Spalević and Miroslav S. Pranić
Keyword: Gauss-Turan-Kronrod quadratures, Gori-Micchelli weights, analytic functions, weight function
221 - 234

The second isomorphism theorem on ordered set under antiorders

Author: Daniel A. Romano
Keyword: constructive set theory, set with apartness, antiorder, quasi-antiorder, isomorphism
235 - 242

Intuitionistic fuzzy strongly irresolute precontinuous mappings in Coker's spaces

Author: Biljana Krsteska and Salah Abbas
Keyword: intuitionistic fuzzy strongly preopen sets, intuitionistic fuzzy strongly irresolute precontinuous mappings
243 - 252

Iterative operators for Farey tree

Author: Ljubiša Kocić, Liljana Stefanovska and Sonja Gegovska-Zajkova
Keyword: iterative operators, Farey tree
253 - 262

An error estimate for a numerical scheme for the compressible Navier-stokes system

Author: Vladimir Jovanović
Keyword: Navier-Stokes system, error estimate
263 - 275

Marchuk identity-type second order difference schemes of 2-d and 3-d elliptic problems with intersected interfaces

Author: Ivanka Tr. Angelova and Lubin G. Vulkov
Keyword: elliptic problems, second-order difference schemes, intersecting interfaces
277 - 292

On orbits for pairs of operators on an infinite-dimensional complex Hilbert space

Author: Sonja Mančevska
Keyword: approximate point spectrum, Hilbert space, linear operator,orbits tending to infinity
293 - 304

On λ-approximations for analytic functions on the unit disc

Author: Slavko Simić
Keyword: asymptotic relation, unit disc, λ-approximations
305 - 313

Hopf algebras of words and overlapping shuffle algebra - RETRACTED PAPER

Author: Olivera Marković
Keyword: This paper has been retracted because it is a plagiarism of other already published papers.
315 - 326

Algorithms for investigating optimality of cone triangulation for a polyhedron

Author: Milica Stojanović and Milica Vučković
Keyword: triangulation of polyhedra, minimal triangulation, graph algorithms, abstract data type of graph
327 - 342

Application of differential equations

Author: Julka Knežević-Miljanović, Ljubica Lalović and Dragomir Lalović
Keyword: differential equations
343 - 354

The connection between a (3,2)-semigroup automaton and a semigroup automaton

Author: Violeta Manevska
Keyword: semigroup automaton
355 - 363